Revival comes from prayer.

Today’s church needs an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Early church leaders like Luther, Wesley, Finney and Moody were filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit. Prayer like theirs was the powerful key to every revival throughout Christian history. Whether you’re an ordained minister, a stay-at-home mom, or a new Christian, God can work through you.

Join Yonggi Cho and Wayde Goodall in Prayer, the story of Pastor Cho’s personal life and successful ministry. Readers will
• understand the different types of prayer,
• value the importance of prayer,
• learn why, how, and when to pray,
• cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, and
• receive new revelations of how to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Hear the secrets God desires to share with you and be immersed in His profound love.

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Faith- by Dr. Wayde GoodallWhat can we learn from the Scriptures about how to trust God no matter what, and believe in something that is not yet seen?

As a young man with only weeks to live, Yonggi Cho was healed of terminal illness, saw the resurrected Jesus, and quickly began sharing God’s hope with others. Those listeners became the world’s largest church.

In Faith, Pastor Cho and Dr. Wayde Goodall share how to

  • Understand and grow in your faith.
  • Walk with the Holy Spirit and produce the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Overcome mistakes and continue to depend on Christ in times of discouragement.
  • Believe for and trust God’s supernatural power.
  • Use every situation to accomplish tremendous things for God’s kingdom.

For our lives to work, we need faith—the kind of faith that gives birth to hope and chooses to believe in every circumstance. God will answer prayer, heal, and perform signs and wonders as we walk daily by faith. You can trust God as your source, security, and assurance.

Success Kills- Dr. Wayde Goodall

SUCCESS-we crave it, work for it, dream of it, want it as a personal achievement, but how we each define it differs. Power, influence, wealth, fame, or a position of authority the hallmarks of success we strive for can just as easily become the cause of our destruction, if we don t have a clear set of boundaries by which to live.

Corporate and religious scandals of recent years have caused unprecedented havoc and heartache in the world’s economy and in the church world. Executive and spiritual arrogance causes a toxic atmosphere in too many organizations. There are safeguards and principles we must focus on to ensure balance with excellence in what we do. Core questions to be considered include:

Should you fear success?
Why do so many fail when they attain success?

Is failure considered a friend or foe?

Do you have a balanced ego or a pre-occupation with self?

Take a discerning look at the concept of success in a personal, professional, and spiritual context in Success Kills. Explore the gift of adversity, finding a moral “north”, learning from mistakes, and why some fear “successful” leaders. Discover a more important definition of success and the principles you can put in place today to achieve without compromising yourself or your future.

Why Great Men Fall- Dr. Wayde Goodall

Your head sits heavily in your hands as the last employee turns out the last light and goes home for the night, leaving you alone in the dark with your failure and desperation. This scene is played-out daily in offices all over America, as leaders in corporations, churches, and organizations free-fall from moral or ethical failure.

Wayde Goodall has observed this quagmire for decades, counseling those who have thrown away their families and their futures for a moment of pleasure or profit. Profiling well-known leaders who’ve had a fall from grace, Goodall notes the common traits, warning signs, and most importantly, a plan for avoiding such deadly traps of the soul.

For everyone who has found himself in this terrible dilemma, and to those who can still avoid it, this book is like a beacon. There is a fail-safe guide for remaining on the right path, and Why Great Men Fall illustrates that safe route in a riveting way.

Fruit Of The Spirit- Dr. Wayde Goodall

Nothing Beats the Taste of Fresh FruitWould you like true fulfillment in your life? Health in your relationships? Victory over anxiety and conflict? You can have them―if you let God’s Spirit grow his fruit in your heart.In The Fruit of the Spirit, Tom Trask and Wayde Goodall take you for a close look at love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and the rest of the fruit of the Spirit. Here is a passionate and illuminating look at what happens to your thoughts, emotions, and actions when you live each day in intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Drawing from the storehouse of God’s Word, Trask and Goodall sow seeds of insight into your heart that both convict and encourage. They show how you can cooperate with God’s work in your life. And they offer true-life examples of the difference you, too, can make when you let the Holy Spirit reproduce the character of Jesus within you.Your witness for Christ is as good as the fruit your relationship with him produces. The Fruit of the Spirit points you toward a lifestyle that makes the Gospel you proclaim attractive to others because they can see its results.

Are the gifts of the Spirit for today? Are they real? Why is the Pentecostal church growing so rapidly? Author Wayde Goodall answers these questions and more concerning this often-debated issue of the church in his release, The Blessing. Goodall explores the first recorded baptism of the Holy Spirit, the various spiritual gifts described in the Book of Corinthians, and the dangers of extremism in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles. Written in an easy-to-read style, this book examines the impact of the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement in the post-modern church. Topics include:

  • Is speaking in tongues evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • Are signs and wonders for today?
  • What are your spiritual gifts?
  • How to recognize false manifestations or teachings.

Based on scripture references, church history and personal testimonies, The Blessing is a must-read for anyone who is interested in understanding the tenets and belief systems of the fastest-growing segment of Christendom.

This is a practical survey of marriage and family, from dating to being a grandparent. We explore: ways to choose a mate, guidelines for the engagement and wedding, communication principles, sexual fulfillment, making decisions, how to be a good spouse and parent, tough issues, and the final years.

Pentecostal clergy are kneeling at the gateway to the twenty-first century with a prayerful sense of purpose. Two thousand years after our Savior’s resurrection, we’re still hearing His call to “feed my sheep.” The Pentecostal Pastoris an encyclopedia of wisdom for all who heed those words. The Pentecostal Pastor connects you with an esteemed panel of seventy-four pastors, missionaries, college presidents, and Christian leaders. Their rich portfolio of ministry experience spans America’s cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Well-qualified to nurture clergy of today and tomorrow, they discuss real issues faced by real pastors. Inspiration and information on eighty-five diverse topics is organized for easy access. Articles are indexed by both Scripture and subject, and arranged under six themes: Priorities in the Pastor’s Life, The Pastor’s Personal Life, Preparing for Revival, Effective Accountability, Ministry to the Body, and Spirit-Anointed Worship.