Dr. Wayde Goodall


Wayde Goodall is passionate about helping Christians and Christian leaders grow in their faith and understanding of disciplines and principles that encourage life balance and dynamic spiritual growth. He has a unique forty-five year background in practical theology, leadership, strategic planning and development, counseling, and consulting. Dr. Goodall provides his congregations and clients with unique advantages in understanding personal Christian growth, as well as healthy leadership principles. He has authored or coauthored seventeen books and developed a national award winning clergy magazine. Dr. Goodall and his wife, Rosalyn, are both pastors, life coaches, and educators, who have served as missionaries and television hosts. They are both frequent speakers at denominational, church, and government events both domestically and internationally. 




Executive International: Under the title of Executive International Wayde and Rosalyn oversee Marriage and Family discipleship in all regions of the world. Their book, Marriage and Family has been translated into 15 languages and presently is being used in many nations. Wayde ministers at numerous pastoral conferences each year. As Executive International, Wayde and Rosalyn served as appointed missionaries under the Executive Director of the World Missions office.


President, Founder, World Wide Family, Inc.: Wayde assists in leadership training, coaching, implementation, and consulting to leaders globally. Wayde and Rosalyn oversaw training in marriage and family principles in over 30 countries. This includes working with various denominational leaders, government leaders, pastor’’s conferences, seminars, and marriage and family retreats. Under Integrity Coaching International Wayde coaches and consults churches, para-church ministries and leaders in personal coaching, staff management, organizational structure, transitional training, and reengineering.


Television Host: Inspiring Life with Dr. Wayde Goodall, TCT Television Network. Inspiring Life is aired nationally across the U.S. and in many countries.


Present Ministry Experience

Strategic Pastoral Advisor, Focus on The Family (2018-present)

Executive Director, Hope Education Network (present)

President, WorldWide Family, Inc. (founder, CEO, 2007)

Executive International: Assemblies of God World Missions (2007-9/2011)
Founder, Integrity Coaching International (2002-present)
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary: Cohort Adjunct Faculty leader of Pastoral Care/Family Ministries (cohort D.Min. leaders to graduate in 2014)


Past Ministry Experience

  • Dean, College of Ministry, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA. (2018)
  • Pastor, First Assembly of God, Winston Salem, North Carolina, 2000-2005 (Congregational attendance, 3,000-4,000)
  • Appointed Representative of the Charismatic/Pentecostal Churches of America for the Pulpit and Pewthink-tank at Duke University 2000-2004
  • National Director and founder of the Ministers Enrichment Department
  • Executive Editor and creator of the Enrichment Journal, (while serving as the Executive Editor, the Journal received the #1 Clergy Magazine award from the Evangelical Press Association). 1994-2000
  • Executive Director of Benevolence for Bethesda Ministries, Interim President, Mission of Mercy, Colorado Springs, CO, 2005-2007
  • Pastor, Calvary Temple, Auburn, WA, 1989-1994
  • Founding Pastor, Vienna Christian Center, Vienna, Austria, 1987-1989
  • Executive Pastor, Life Center, Tacoma, WA, 1980-1987



Dr. Goodall has written and co-authored 18 books, among which are:

  • Faith: Believing in The God Who Works On Your Behalf
  • Prayer: Key to Revival 
  • Success Kills: Sidestep the Snares that will Steal Your Dreams, 2009Dr. Wayde Goodall Worldwide Family Inc.
  • Why Great Men Fall, 2005
  • Conflict management for Church Leaders
  • The Pentecostal Pastor
  • Marriage and Family
  • The Fruit of the Spirit
  • The Choice
  • The Blessing
  • The Blessing (2)
  • The Battle
  • The Battle (2)
  • Principles of Counselling
  • Back to the Word
  • By My Spirit
  • The Dating Game
  • Walking By Faith
  • Self-Publication for Christian Leaders
  • Deeper Though for Leaders



  • Min. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, 2003
  • A. Central Michigan University, 1976
  • A. Vanguard University, 1975
  • A. Vanguard University, 1975

Dean of the College of Ministry, co-director of the Graduate Program, Associate Professor of Church Leadership, and department chair of Pastoral Ministries.



  • Distinguished Alumni of Christian Colleges and Universities
  • Ordained Minister: Assemblies of God
  • Certified: Leadership, Occupational, and Congregational Coach
  • Community College Counselor Credential, Guidance Counseling
  • Several graduate degrees in specialized disciplines (Marriage and Family, Leadership, Counseling, Ministry, etc.)



  • Pinnacle Forum conference and teaching pastor, with Ken Blanchard & George Barna
  • Speaker at city and government sponsored conferences
  • Minister’s’ and missionary institutes and retreats
  • Conferences for leadership, publishers, and writers
  • Focus on the Family radio
  • Host of various Christian television network programs
  • Speaker at The Billy Graham Cove, Men’’s Retreats, Marriage Retreats (numerous countries and language groups)
  • Focus on the Family, Singapore
  • Media Corp (Media monopoly that oversees all radio and television programming for Singapore)


Adjunct Professor Assignments

  • Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
  • Asia Pacific Theological Seminary
  • Central Bible College
  • Southeastern University
  • ATCEM Seminary, Singapore
  • Assemblies of God Bible College, Singapore


Other College and University lectures

Wayde has given lectures at The University of Vienna, Southwestern University, Trinity College, Duke University School of Theology, South Pacific Bible College, ATCEM-Malaysia (Singapore), and Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (Philippines, Fiji). Topics include: Marriage and Family, Conflict Management for Church Leaders, Pastoral Care/Family Ministries, Crisis Care in the Local Church, Church Health/Church Growth, and Pastoral Health.



Wayde and his wife Rosalyn have two children, Jeremy and Kristin.