Rosalyn Goodall


Worldwide Family- Wayde and RosalynRosalyn frequently speaks at conferences and churches on topics of marriage, family, parenting, and healthy relationships. Her deep desire is to help women understand who they are in Christ, so that they might develop confidence as women of God, and receive healing from hurt, rejection, and abuse. She frequently assists woman that have had a life of trauma and pain.  As a Certified Life Coach and teacher, she has unique abilities to help bring direction to difficult situations. She has co-authored several books and is the English editor for Dr. Yonggi Cho’s quarterly publication, Church Growth International (Seoul, Korea).


Rosalyn and Wayde are the founding Pastors of Vienna Christian Center, in Vienna, Austria. They have also served as Senior Pastors for two mega-churches, and have received the Church Health Award from the Purpose Driven Church.  Rosalyn has co-hosted the television program, Inspiring Life. This 30-minute weekly program addressed life’s most challenging situations, offering hope in all of life’s challenges.


Rosalyn is a conference speaker, professional technical editor, writer, and educator who has served as a faculty member at Southwest Missouri State University, and as adjunct faculty at Drury University, Northwest University, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, South Pacific Bible College, Asia Theological Center, and other institutions. She also has lectured at secular Universities in China and been the Keynote speaker (along with Wayde) for the weeklong Singapore National Marriage and Family Conference.


Rosalyn and Wayde have two grown children Jeremy and Kristin and two grandgirls.